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VECTRON® SVX Solid-State Polyphase Meters

The VECTRON SVX meter is a solid-state dual function meter which uses analog-to-digital technology to measure polyphase energy and demand in block interval, rolling interval, or emulated thermal format. The VECTRON SVX meter is fully software programmable and features a liquid crystal display. It features an autoranging power supply which allows the same meter to be used in a 120V, 240V, 277V, or 480V service, reducing the number of different meters a utility must inventory.

The SiteScan on-site diagnostic system includes the following features:

  • Self-diagnostic checks
  • Toolbox Display mode with on-site and/or on-line display
  • System and installation diagnostic checks
  • Diagnostic output alarms

The SiteScan on-site monitoring system is used to ensure that the meter installation and the system are accurate and operating correctly. It greatly enhances the ability to diagnose and resolve metering or tampering problems. The SiteScan Diagnostic System will automatically determine the service type in which the meter is installed, eliminating the need for programming each meter for use in a particular service type.

Schlumberger's PC-PRO+™ programming software allows customization of the SiteScan diagnostic system for each individual metering site. Phase voltage and current information is used to provide on-screen vector diagrams for any installation. This feature can indicate the validity of an installation immediately without the use of additional equipment.

Standard Features:

  • 96-528 Volt Autoranging Power Supply
  • Self-Reading Registers
  • Acrylic Cover
  • Nonvolatile Memory Storage for Program and Register Data
  • Push-Type Demand Reset
  • Programmable Demand Reset Lockout Time
  • 9600 Baud/Optical Communications Port
  • I.R. Test Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Extra Large Black Anodized Nameplate
  • Normal, Alternate, Test and Toolbox Display Modes
  • SiteScan On-Site Monitoring Sytem
  • Polarity, cross phase & energy flow check
  • Phase voltage deviation check
  • Inactive phase current check
  • Phase Angle displacement check
  • Current waveform distortion detection
  • Security Codes for up to 4 Levels of Access
  • Multifunction Segment Liquid Crystal Display w/ Potential Indicators
  • Electronic Detent (programmable)

Time-of-Use Version:

  • Complex TOU Schedules
  • Last season billing values
  • Cumulative and continuous cumulative demand
  • Lithium cell battery for clock backup only
  • 4 self-reads
  • 4 rates plus total
  • 4 daily schedules
  • 8 seasons
  • 8 rate changes/rate per day
  • 16 holidays

Extended Function Version:

  • Includes all TOU Version Functions
  • VARs or VA are Software Selectable

In addition to kWh, registers from Group A or Group B are selectable

  • Group A
    • W demand
    • VAR lag
    • VARh lag
    • VARh lead
  • Group B
    • W demand
    • VA lag
    • VA total
    • VAh lag
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